Ashéra Cosmetics stands for a holistic beauty philosophy for well-balanced face and body care. Under the name Ashéra our product line combines the best of two cultures: Modern natural cosmetics according to the high standards of German production with valuable extracts of traditional Chinese medicine.

All ingredients used to make the TCM plant extracts in the YIN YANG BALANCE cosmetic range come from controlled cultivation in China. A complete quality control guarantees consistently high standards. Ingredients were personally selected by experienced TCM doctors and pharmacists to create a unique natural cosmetic.

For this quality, SinoPhytoMed is a certified supplier of many TCM pharmacies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Working closely with Yantai University, SinoPhytoMed employees are familiar with the latest methods and developments in TCM research.


Jacqueline Heimgärtner is the owner of an advertising agency. At the same time, she developed a skin care line that combines modern natural cosmetics with extracts of traditional Chinese medicine.

Her mother was one of the founders of the first organic bakery in the Rhine-Main area in the 1970s. Out of conviction, the grandparents supplied themselves with fruits and vegetables from their own garden. Also a small farm in Franconia belonged to the circle of the family. The mother was a nutritionist for the city of Wiesbaden for many years.

Good as well as valuable food and the closeness to nature are therefore a matter of course for Jacqueline Heimgärtner since her childhood. Far East-inspired forms of movement developed into another element of well-being in her life: she first learned to consciously collect her strength and use it purposefully in Jiu Jitsu training. Later, she was able to refine both her breathing technique and yoga energy work, which she learned to appreciate during an Ayurvedic stay in Sri Lanka.

For the graduated communication designer, this holistic and balanced occupation with body, mind and soul was also an important contrast to her exhausting work routine. During a six-year training as a teacher of Kundalini Yoga, which she teaches to this day, the teachings of yoga also opened her up to new possibilities for self-reflection and increased health awareness.

In 1990, Jacqueline Heimgärtner started her own business in Regensburg with the full-service agency Creativ Concept, which works as a service provider in the fields of advertising, marketing, web development and design for various clients. One of them was the company SinoPhytoMed in Waldsassen ten years ago, which cultivates and grows TCM herbs and plants in China in a joint venture, tests it locally and imports it into Germany as a top-quality remedy; The father of the company owner Brigitte Mehler-Pfletscher developed and produced herbal cosmetics himself, which was sold locally in his own pharmacy.

Through this contact, Jacqueline Heimgärtner came up with the idea of bundling all competences and launching their own product on the market. In parallel with her leadership role in Creativ Concept, she gradually launched Ashéra: modern natural cosmetics with extracts of traditional Chinese medicine that combine the best of two cultures.

In close cooperation with SinoPhytoMed and the Munich doctor Dr. med. Ulrike Schütz were put together recipes in a complex, long process, repeatedly tested and varied, and finally brought to market in early summer 2017.

Since then, the main task of Jacqueline Heimgärtner has been to develop suitable marketing strategies in order to familiarize customers with her first care series Yin Yang Balance and the luxury soap White Pearl.

From the packaging to the booth, she creates and accompanies as a matter of heart every progress of Ashéra Cosmetics – her company, with which she identifies herself one hundred percent.

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Jacqueline Heimgärtner

CEO of ASHÉRA Cosmetics

The philosophy behind ASHÉRA Cosmetics integrates thousands of years of ancient knowledge about Traditional Chinese Medicine into modern natural cosmetics. Extracts used in Traditional Chinese Medicine come together with the high standards of German manufacturing and longstanding experience of state-of-the-art cosmetics research.

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