With gentle pressure to energetic harmony

When we are plagued with headaches after a long day at work, we automatically massage our head. In the case of toothache, we rub or squeeze the jaw. A kind of “feel-good pain” is noticeable, which sometimes causes more or less effective relief. The targeted pressure on certain body points is applied similarly in acupressure. In traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure is a crucial step in maintaining and restoring a healthy energy flow in the body. Basically, one differentiates the acupressure directions Jin Shin Do (pressure), Shiatsu (massage) and the acupuncture massage according to Penzel (massage with streaking). The gentle pressure massages are often used for complaints such as high blood pressure, sleep disorders, headaches, back and neck pain and indigestion.

According to the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine, qi (life energy) flows through our entire body. It flows through our 12 main meridians and numerous secondary meridians, which are networked with each other and with our organs. In healthy people, this river is harmonious. However, if it stalls by blockages, the Qi is no longer evenly distributed. The respective functions of the organs can be affected and complaints can be the result.

Along the meridians are points where energy can enter and leave. At these points of irritation blockages can be solved by targeted pressure. Usually, the pressure is applied with the fingers, rarely with the elbows, knees or feet. An acupressure treatment is best done by a trained therapist who has previously made a diagnosis according to TCM. Those who would like to get a taste of acupressure can also try self-treatment. Just counter the next headache as follows: Firmly press the skin-like skin fold between thumb and forefinger together with the thumb and forefinger of the other hand. Let go after a minute.

Interested laymen can also read more deeply into the topic in order to make an effective treatment to themselves. Theoretical knowledge is best learned through books – but to gain practical experience, you should attend a course. It is also important in the self-treatment that you are looking for a quiet place, where there is a relaxed atmosphere. Then there’s nothing standing in the way of the healthy Qi River.