Modern Natural Cosmetics with
Extracts of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Matured over thousands of years, the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is still a central component of Far Eastern beauty rituals. ASHÉRA combines this knowledge with modern natural cosmetics: We combine the high standards of our partners in Germany with extracts of TCM and our many years of experience in cosmetic research.

Together with doctors and pharmacists, we have developed a concept that brings together the best of two cultures.

ASHÉRA cosmetics stands for a holistic beauty philosophy, because true beauty arises from the interplay of inner harmony and the harmony of body, mind and soul.

Our products maintain the health of your skin and promote your natural beauty. We use only the best ingredients from organic farming and do without silicones and parabens – because only healthy skin is also beautiful skin.

A Heavenly Gardener – The Origin of TCM

The history of our effective extracts began more than 4,000 years ago: many myths are entwined with the emergence of Traditional Chinese Medicine, known as TCM for short. This first systematic healing art of humanity should already have been founded by the mythical Emperor Shen Nong – he is considered in China as an explorer of the healing powers of nature. His self-experiments with herbs and his precise observation should have been the stimulus for TCM over 5000 years ago. To this day, he is revered in China as a heavenly gardener.

Finally, Shen Nong’s work was refined by Li Shizen (1518–1598), a physician and botanist who enjoys great fame in China to this day. Together with Ben Cao Gang Mu he created a systematic and monumental work of drug therapy. Many of his classic recipes, handed down to us through medical and pharmaceutical texts from China’s early literate culture, are still used successfully today.

The Natural Power of our Cosmetics

All ingredients used to make our TCM plant extracts are grown and harvested directly in China. Our local partners convince with a complete quality control and thus guarantee high standards. Our experienced TCM doctors and pharmacists then compose our unique natural cosmetics after personal selection of the extracts.

In order to meet our quality standards, we work closely with SinoPhytoMed. As a certified supplier, the company builds a bridge to the Far East and supplies numerous TCM pharmacies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Through its close cooperation with the University of Yantai, SinoPhytoMed is constantly introducing the latest methods and developments in TCM research into the development of our cosmetics.

Our Products


ASHÉRA 24-hour cream is designed to ensure yin-yang balance. The high quality herbal extracts have been chosen for their yin and yang properties. They protect and activate during the day, and they nourish and regenerate at night. Volume: 50 ml  

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The YIN YANG BALANCE CLEANSING FOAM is a composition of mild, skin-friendly cleansing substances and selected active ingredients used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for facial cleansing. Volume: 100 ml

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White Pearl soap is a vitamin and mineral-rich soap made of kernel oils that produces a luxurious lather. It is delicate and creamy enough to meet the highest standards, protects against external influences and promotes your skin’s cell renewal. Volume: 80 g

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Would you like to test ASHÉRA first and see the quality for yourself? No problem: simply order four ASHÉRA Yin Yang Balance facial cream samples. We’ll send you our ASHÉRA product catalogue as well free of charge. Volume: 2 ml each

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Save € 4.80 (compared with ordering items individually) when you buy the ASHÉRA Yin Yang Balance gift set. The set contains the Yin Yang Balance facial cream and the cleansing foam in a high-quality gift box with an elegant satin ribbon.

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You can also order our elegant, high-quality gift box separately for packaging your own gifts. The box is gold inside, and comes with a smart satin ribbon. Put your own ASHÉRA gift together yourself.

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Would you like to test ASHÉRA first and see the quality for yourself? No problem: simply order two ASHÉRA Yin Yang Balance facial cream samples. We’ll send you our ASHÉRA product catalogue as well free of charge. Volume: 2 ml

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The WHITE PEARL Luxury Body Balm contains the valuable and rich pearl powder and fuses with shea butter, apricot kernel oil and beeswax into a nourishing body care. The WHITE PEARL range consists of 100% pure natural essential oils. Content: 50 g

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Our Selling Points

Our cosmetic products are available in every pharmacy in Germany under their PZN number.