ASHÉRA Tea Blend
Jewel of clear eyesight

Our eyes are physiologically very much Yang, that means exposed to many stimuli in the environment. The Yin Yang Balance TCM Tea Blend Jewel of clear eyesight tonifies the liver’s “share of juice” and dampens rising liveryang, detoxifying the liver and eliminating waste. The TCM tea has a particularly positive effect on the eyes. It has the property to moisturize and nourish our eyes. Especially after long computer work, we fight with irritated and dry eyes. This balances the tea mixture by strengthening the eyesight again. The intake of the tea has a calming and balancing effect on us.

Our Tea Blend Jewel of Vivid Eyesight is made from goji berries, also known as buckthorn fruits, chrysanthemum blossoms and liquorice root. Due to the natural sweetness of the root no additional sweetening is necessary. Buckthorn fruits have a very high content of vitamin C and have good antioxidant properties. But especially to our eyes, the fruits are real power berries: in our eyes they improve the blood supply and thus prevent damage to the eye nerve. The ingredients of chrysanthemum flowers in turn promote our health and protect us against colds, for example. They too find versatile uses in traditional Chinese medicine. Like all our ASHÉRA products, the tea is certified and certified. It has been microbiologically controlled and contains neither pesticides nor heavy metals.

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For the preparation of the tea you need a teaspoon for a cup. The tea blend is boiled with boiling water and must be drawn for ten to fifteen minutes. The fruits contained can be consumed. Two to three cups a day are recommended.

Stimulate your well-being with a cup of YIN YANG BALANCE tea, which not only tastes good, but also has a positive effect on your liver chi. If you enjoy it in the evening, you will help your body to cleanse and regenerate. For tea lovers, our ASHÉRA tea is the perfect present.