ashéra white pearl

Exquisite care range with pearl powder

At the Chinese imperial court, women used to be allowed to decorate not only with chains, bracelets or earrings made of shimmering pearls. Pearls were used as an exclusive privilege for feminine beauty care. The use of this precious raw material was formerly reserved exclusively for the Chinese imperial court. Since the imperial Ming Dynatie, the pearl is now used very finely ground for the care of female skin. For this reason, the White Pearl luxury soap was developed by Ashéra cosmetics, in which noble pearl powder is the main ingredient.

The latest research shows that the pearl has ingredients that have an anti-aging effect, especially in cosmetics: they can prevent age spots from developing, counteract wrinkles and stimulate cell renewal activities in the skin.

ashéra white pearl

Only the best for your skin

The first product of the White Pearl series by ASHÉRA Kosmetik is a lusciously foaming, vitamin and mineral rich luxury soap made from the finest kernel oils. The luxury soap is wonderfully delicate and creamy for the highest demands. White Pearl protects against environmental influences and supports the cell renewal activity of your skin.

Naturally grown pearls contain many amino acids and important trace elements such as zinc, selenium, iodine, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and, most notably, calcium. Apricot kernel and almond oil is combined with shea and cocoa butter – wonderfully moisturizing, skin-clarifying and pore-refining through the addition of pearl powder.

Ashéra White Pearl



White Pearl soap is a vitamin and mineral-rich soap made of kernel oils that produces a luxurious lather. It is delicate and creamy enough to meet the highest standards, protects against external influences and promotes your skin’s cell renewal. Volume: 80 g

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The WHITE PEARL Luxury Body Balm contains the valuable and rich pearl powder and fuses with shea butter, apricot kernel oil and beeswax into a nourishing body care. The WHITE PEARL range consists of 100% pure natural essential oils. Content: 50 g

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