Beautiful and healthy hair in the summer

Before we treat ourselves to an extensive sunbath and enjoy the soothing warmth, we cream ourselves with sufficient sunscreen. We also try to protect our eyes and wear sunglasses as soon as we leave the house. However, we are a little more careless when it comes to our hair. It’s a pity, because our hair also suffers from the strong UV radiation and often reacts with dryness and split ends.

But honestly, does this really have to be? After all, our health does not suffer when we expose our hair to the sun. Inflammation or injury can hardly arise. Nevertheless, we do our hair a great favor when we protect it from the sun, wind, salt water and chlorine – and they thank us, with shine and suppleness that you can see and feel. We therefore give you a few practical tips and tricks and tell you how to bring your hair healthy and beautiful through the summer.

Wash out chlorine and salt water

The cooling in the sea or in the outdoor pool, we certainly do not want to take in the high temperatures. Both salt and chlorine dry out our hair in addition. Therefore, it is advisable to wash your hair thoroughly after the refreshing bath. By the way, you should not only shower your body before jumping into the pool, but also wet your hair completely. So they absorb much less chlorine from the water.

Cut your hair

Your hair needs a new cut? Then you should quickly go to the hairdresser, before summer vacation. Freshly cut, the hair tips are much stronger and more durable against the sunlight.

Clever heads wear headgear

Anyone who stays longer in the sun should definitely wear a sun hat or a cap to protect themselves from sunburn or sunstroke. A positive side effect: the hair also benefits from it, because the strong sunlight stays away from the hair. You should favor light breathable headgear, eg. B. straw or bast.

Proper hair care

Now let’s take care of the hair. Here we start from the inside first. The nuts and bolts is: drink, drink, drink! Another health boost for the hair is a balanced and vitamin-rich diet, so they are supplied with enough zinc, iron and biotin.

But also the external care has a big influence on the appearance of our hair. Before sunbathing, you should apply a special sunscreen – either as a gel or spray – on your hair. For shampooing, moisturizing shampoos are recommended, which effectively protect our hair from dryness. Especially suitable for this is the Ashéra Yin Yang Balance Shampoo. The natural shampoo combines the nourishing essences of Traditional Chinese Medicine with precious essential oils. The silicone- and paraben-free formula gives dull, dried hair shine and nourishes reddened and damaged scalp. So nothing stands in the way of a boisterous summer holiday with dreamily well-groomed hair.


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