Skin care for the cold season
This will keep your skin healthy and radiant

If your skin could choose a comfortable climate, then it would probably opt for the warm, humid climate of the rainforest, because the conditions are ideal there: it can absorb enough water and produce sebum, making it radiantly beautiful and supple. In our region, the weather unfortunately cannot serve with skin-care properties – especially not […]

Why you should only use natural products for your hair

When it comes to hair care, there has been a great deal of rethinking in recent years. Maybe you’re one of the people who always take a look at the ingredients before they buy a product. That’s right, because even substances that we use for external application can enter our bodies through the skin and […]

Valuable healing powers from the earth:
The asparagus root


Finally the asparagus season starts again. The supermarkets are already well stocked with the white and green barbecues and we look forward to conjuring up delicious and healthy creations. The asparagus is appreciated by many people not only because of its good taste, but also because of its intrinsic values: With only 20 kilocalories per […]

Cocoa butter: delicately melting pleasure for the skin

Cocoa butter is an indispensable part of confectionery – in high-quality chocolate creations it should not be missing, if they are supposed to shine on the surface silk-matt and melt on the tongue. But also in cosmetic products it is increasingly used as a natural and fragrant ingredient, especially in skin care. Cocoa butter is […]

Divine Beauty:
The name patron of Ashéra Cosmetics

Under the name of Ashéra, our natural cosmetics combine the best of two cultures: traditional Chinese medicine from the East and modern cosmetic research from the West. But how did our brand name “Ashéra” come about? The name was inspired by the Canaanite mother goddess and fertility queen Aschera, also known as Astarte. She is […]

Using vacuum to release energy blockages:
Cupping in TCM

Traditional Chinese medicine has a wide variety of holistic healing techniques, including acupuncture, acupressure and Chinese herbal therapy. However, cupping is one of the oldest apparatus therapy methods. This proven healing method was practiced many thousands of years ago in China, but also in Europe. Cupping harmonizes Qi, the life energy, by dissolving blockages. This […]

Beautiful and healthy hair in the summer

Before we treat ourselves to an extensive sunbath and enjoy the soothing warmth, we cream ourselves with sufficient sunscreen. We also try to protect our eyes and wear sunglasses as soon as we leave the house. However, we are a little more careless when it comes to our hair. It’s a pity, because our hair […]

Lotus – symbol of rebirth and inner strength

Nelumbo – as the Lotus is called in its Latin name – is a truly amazing plant: the aquatic plant is the only representative of the lotus family (Nelumbonaceae) rising from muddy pond bottoms and enchants the water surface with its large lotus flowers. To this day, these are considered a symbol of rebirth, purity […]

Goji berry: the precious miracle fruit

Goji-Beeren Zweig

They are small, bright red and currently in high demand: Goji berries are not only eye-catching, they also have some special powers in them, because they contain large amounts of minerals and vitamins and can thus contribute significantly to a healthy diet. Originally the brick-red fruit comes from China and Mongolia. There she is an […]

Strenght in serenity:
the changes of phase water

TCM phase water

In the cold season, when there are freezing temperatures outside and in many places nature disappears under a white blanket of snow, according to the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine we are in the middle of the transformation phase of water. The days are short – in the morning when we leave the house it […]