Cedar oil: power for the body and mind

Its color is reminiscent of honey, its consistency is viscous and its scent woody with a spicy touch: cedarwood oil, or cedar oil for short, is a versatile oil with a long tradition. The precious essential oil is obtained by steam distillation from the wood of cedar. The Moroccan evergreen conifer can reach a height […]

Valuable healing powers from the earth:
The asparagus root


Finally the asparagus season starts again. The supermarkets are already well stocked with the white and green barbecues and we look forward to conjuring up delicious and healthy creations. The asparagus is appreciated by many people not only because of its good taste, but also because of its intrinsic values: With only 20 kilocalories per […]

Cocoa butter: delicately melting pleasure for the skin

Cocoa butter is an indispensable part of confectionery – in high-quality chocolate creations it should not be missing, if they are supposed to shine on the surface silk-matt and melt on the tongue. But also in cosmetic products it is increasingly used as a natural and fragrant ingredient, especially in skin care. Cocoa butter is […]

Lotus – symbol of rebirth and inner strength

Nelumbo – as the Lotus is called in its Latin name – is a truly amazing plant: the aquatic plant is the only representative of the lotus family (Nelumbonaceae) rising from muddy pond bottoms and enchants the water surface with its large lotus flowers. To this day, these are considered a symbol of rebirth, purity […]

Dao Di – medicinal herbs with tradition

Each medicinal plant places its own needs in their habitat and prefers a specific location and cultivation region. For the purity of the plant and its active ingredients, the soil condition and the correct climatic environment are particularly important. In the Chinese tradition, these original areas of origin of the plants are also given a […]

Goji berry: the precious miracle fruit

Goji-Beeren Zweig

They are small, bright red and currently in high demand: Goji berries are not only eye-catching, they also have some special powers in them, because they contain large amounts of minerals and vitamins and can thus contribute significantly to a healthy diet. Originally the brick-red fruit comes from China and Mongolia. There she is an […]

Rich care for day and night – perfect for summer holidays

A city trip over the weekend, an overnight stay with relatives or friends, or a trip to a faraway country for several weeks – it is most pleasant to have as little luggage as possible with you. Nevertheless, we do not want to miss our favorite care products on the go. That is why we […]

The best of two cultures

The philosophy of ASHÉRA Cosmetics incorporates millennia-old knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine into modern natural cosmetics. Extracts from traditional Chinese medicine meet the high standards of German manufacturing and many years of experience in state-of-the-art cosmetic research. With doctors and pharmacists, we have developed a new overall concept that brings together the best of two […]

Ginseng root
Queen of medicinal herbs


It has been playing an important role in traditional Chinese medicine for about 5,000 years – the ginseng root belonging to the TCM substance group Qi Tonics (Ginseng Radix) is a strengthening and invigorating medicinal plant that promotes the Qi circulation and the formation of body juices. The ginseng plant is particularly abundant in mountainous […]