Why you should only use natural products for your hair

When it comes to hair care, there has been a great deal of rethinking in recent years. Maybe you’re one of the people who always take a look at the ingredients before they buy a product. That’s right, because even substances that we use for external application can enter our bodies through the skin and […]

Every spring is a new beginning:
The transformation phase wood

When nature slowly wakes up again from its hibernation and suddenly sprouts the green from every little crack, it is finally here: the spring. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is the change phase of wood, which begins in February and lasts until the end of April. Just as nature draws new life energy, we too […]

Valuable healing powers from the earth:
The asparagus root


Finally the asparagus season starts again. The supermarkets are already well stocked with the white and green barbecues and we look forward to conjuring up delicious and healthy creations. The asparagus is appreciated by many people not only because of its good taste, but also because of its intrinsic values: With only 20 kilocalories per […]

Cocoa butter: delicately melting pleasure for the skin

Cocoa butter is an indispensable part of confectionery – in high-quality chocolate creations it should not be missing, if they are supposed to shine on the surface silk-matt and melt on the tongue. But also in cosmetic products it is increasingly used as a natural and fragrant ingredient, especially in skin care. Cocoa butter is […]

Divine Beauty:
The name patron of Ashéra Cosmetics

Under the name of Ashéra, our natural cosmetics combine the best of two cultures: traditional Chinese medicine from the East and modern cosmetic research from the West. But how did our brand name “Ashéra” come about? The name was inspired by the Canaanite mother goddess and fertility queen Aschera, also known as Astarte. She is […]

Beautiful and healthy hair in the summer

Before we treat ourselves to an extensive sunbath and enjoy the soothing warmth, we cream ourselves with sufficient sunscreen. We also try to protect our eyes and wear sunglasses as soon as we leave the house. However, we are a little more careless when it comes to our hair. It’s a pity, because our hair […]

Valentine’s Day in China: The Qixi Festival

Valentine’s Day, as we know it, will be celebrated on February 14th. Many couples surprise themselves on this day with romantic love evidence and exquisite gifts. The Chinese counterpart will be celebrated only a few months later: the so-called Qixi festival. In German this festival can be translated as “Night of the Seven”. The meaning […]

Honeysuckle blossom
Lonicerae japonicae Flos

Geissblattzweig mit Blüten

The honeysuckle blossom, called in Chinese Jinyinhua, has a sweetish taste and has a cooling effect according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. The TCM substance group described as heat-clarifying has anti-inflammatory, clarifying and cleansing properties, thus ensuring a healthy and radiant complexion in cosmetic use. Another feature of the flowers is the reduction of age spots […]

Asparagus root
Asparagus Radix


The asparagus root is considered to be sweet tonifying and astringent in traditional Chinese medicine. As a Yin-nourishing TCM substance group, the ingredients of asparagus root moisturize, cool fires and promote body fluids. With regard to the cosmetic effect, the asparagus root (Chinese: Tianmendong) gives the skin lasting moisture and thus prevents the loss of […]

Unique recipe of nourishing oils


The main cause of skin aging is the concentration of free radicals in the skin. Therefore, the supply of substances with antioxidant properties is particularly important. In addition to the contained TCM extracts with their antioxidant ingredients, rice germ oil also has these properties and completes the overall composition of the YIN YANG BALANCE face […]