Skin care for the cold season
This will keep your skin healthy and radiant

If your skin could choose a comfortable climate, then it would probably opt for the warm, humid climate of the rainforest, because the conditions are ideal there: it can absorb enough water and produce sebum, making it radiantly beautiful and supple. In our region, the weather unfortunately cannot serve with skin-care properties – especially not […]

The five elements of TCM

Our entire universe, our world, the nature around us and also our human organism can be assigned to the five elements from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The five elements or phases of transformation are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. They are directly dependent on each other: The wood nourishes the fire so […]

From Sweet to Salty: The Five Flavors in TCM

An old Chinese proverb says, “A disease can have many fathers, but the mother of every disease is the wrong diet.” The idea behind this is that one should not bring the body into harmony and harmony unchecked with medicines, but above all with a healthy and balanced diet. Already several thousand years ago Chinese […]

When sun and heart are shining: The transformation phase Fire


Full of verve the sun is just smiling down on us, the flowers are blooming in bright colors and the sky is almost cloudless. Summertime is here and in TCM it means: the fire is now in its element. After the element wood, the hottest of all phases of change has begun. Like the flames […]

Hot Refreshment:
Why You Should Enjoy Tea Also In Summer

Now in the summer, when temperatures keep rising, our fluid needs are higher than ever. The sun beats down on us tirelessly and causes us to work up a sweat. In such moments one wishes only one thing: an ice-cold refreshment. The first thing that comes to mind is the enjoyment of an ice-cold drink, […]

Phase Metal:
Letting go of old things, so that new things can arise

Autumn is entering our lives and the year is drawing to a close. As the air gets cooler and cooler and the nights cast a spell over us with starry skies, nature continues to retreat. Trees and shrubs gather strength and draw important nutrients back into their midst – the leaves turn bright yellow and […]

Lotus – symbol of rebirth and inner strength

Nelumbo – as the Lotus is called in its Latin name – is a truly amazing plant: the aquatic plant is the only representative of the lotus family (Nelumbonaceae) rising from muddy pond bottoms and enchants the water surface with its large lotus flowers. To this day, these are considered a symbol of rebirth, purity […]

Goji berry: the precious miracle fruit

Goji-Beeren Zweig

They are small, bright red and currently in high demand: Goji berries are not only eye-catching, they also have some special powers in them, because they contain large amounts of minerals and vitamins and can thus contribute significantly to a healthy diet. Originally the brick-red fruit comes from China and Mongolia. There she is an […]

Strenght in serenity:
the changes of phase water

TCM phase water

In the cold season, when there are freezing temperatures outside and in many places nature disappears under a white blanket of snow, according to the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine we are in the middle of the transformation phase of water. The days are short – in the morning when we leave the house it […]

5 exciting facts about tea enjoyment

Since 2005, many tea producing countries celebrate the International Day of Tea annually on December 15th. All those involved in the tea trade are honored, from the tea pickers on the plantations to the consumers. The aim is to raise the public awareness of the background and conditions of tea production in order to strengthen […]