Cedar oil: power for the body and mind

Its color is reminiscent of honey, its consistency is viscous and its scent woody with a spicy touch: cedarwood oil, or cedar oil for short, is a versatile oil with a long tradition. The precious essential oil is obtained by steam distillation from the wood of cedar. The Moroccan evergreen conifer can reach a height of 30 meters and an age of up to 2000 years.

Cedar wood has always been considered an extremely valuable commodity – in ancient times there were innumerable temples of the noble building material, which should symbolize strength and prestige. Even in ancient Egypt, the fine wood was very popular. Not only for ships and furniture, but also for the sarcophagi of the deceased pharaohs, cedar was used. At the same time, the practical properties of the cedar oil derived from it were exploited. Thus, the Egyptians used it to impregnate papyrus rolls and probably also for the embalming of their deceased. Incidentally, it is believed that cedar oil was the first oil ever extracted from plants.

For the production of the oil, the Atlas cedar is used in most cases. The largest Atlas cedar area in Europe is located in France, in the pre-Pyrenees, where the cedar is also called “tree of strength”. And this name comes not by chance, because the intrinsic values of the oil speak for themselves: it contains numerous vitamins, 20 different amino acids, potassium, iron, magnesium and so-called phospholipids, which detoxify our body cells and linoleic acid, which moisturizes and anti-inflammatory effect , In addition, it promotes blood circulation, which can provide for the application to the scalp for increased hair growth. In addition, the precious oil can help with hair loss, greasy hair, irritated scalp and dandruff.

In addition to the physical effects, cedar oil also has a positive effect on the psyche: it promotes absorption and has a calming effect on nervousness. Therefore, the oil is often used in fragrance lamps – so you can, for. For example, when working or learning, increase your concentration.

Also in TCM, the cedar is valued as a curative tree, which has a positive influence on body and soul with its essential oil. With its warming and harmonizing effect it promotes on the energetic level the ability to persist, increases strength and endurance and our confidence in ourselves. Also for our Ashéra Yin Yang Balance Shampoo we use high-quality cedar oil. The natural and balancing shampoo gives dull hair shine and volume and gently cleanses normal as well as sensitive, red and flaky skin. The cedar oil blends particularly well with the floral-scented lavender oil, which is also included in the rich hair care.