Dao Di – medicinal herbs with tradition

Each medicinal plant places its own needs in their habitat and prefers a specific location and cultivation region. For the purity of the plant and its active ingredients, the soil condition and the correct climatic environment are particularly important. In the Chinese tradition, these original areas of origin of the plants are also given a spiritual significance, which in turn is important for their healing effect.

The term for such remedies, which originate from their authentic region, is Dao Di – that means: Real. Pure. Unadulterated. Dao Di is not only an indication of origin, but rather a sign of the high quality of Chinese herbs. And this can even be proven scientifically: Laboratory analyzes show that herbs that are cultivated and harvested in their traditional growing and growing area, actually have a higher than average content of active ingredient.

Therefore Dao Di-herbs are a central component of TCM and TCM natural cosmetics. Because only a pure and high concentration of the ingredients can provide an optimal effect. And we are convinced of that! That’s why we make sure that our ASHÉRA cosmetic products use only plants that have been grown in their natural areas of origin. These are mostly smaller acreages located in one of the traditional Dao Di regions.

These include u.a. the Manchuria region in northeastern China, known primarily as the Dao Di for ginseng (Ren Shen), or Gansu, where the healthy goji berries (also called buckthorn, Gou Qi Zi) grow. In order for the plantlets to become powerful medicinal herbs, they need not only good soil and optimum climate conditions, but also extensive care for the farmers who grow them. Therefore, together with our partner SinoPhyto, we look for a fair and controlled cultivation, with direct contact with the farmers. Only then can they fully concentrate on their protégés and use their knowledge passed on from generation to generation. Free of hectic and without pressure.

By the way: Dao Di is also called Di Dao – both forms are correct.