The best of two cultures

The philosophy of ASHÉRA Cosmetics incorporates millennia-old knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine into modern natural cosmetics. Extracts from traditional Chinese medicine meet the high standards of German manufacturing and many years of experience in state-of-the-art cosmetic research. With doctors and pharmacists, we have developed a new overall concept that brings together the best of two cultures.

All ingredients used to make the TCM plant extracts in the YIN YANG BALANCE cosmetics range come from controlled cultivation in China. A complete quality control guarantees consistently high standards. The ingredients have been personally selected by experienced TCM physicians and pharmacists and composed into a unique natural cosmetic. For this quality, SinoPhytoMed is a certified supplier of many TCM pharmacies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Through close cooperation with Yantai University, SinoPhytoMed employees are familiar with the latest methods and developments in TCM research.

ASHÉRA Cosmetics stands for a holistic beauty philosophy for balanced face and body care. Extracts of Traditional Chinese Medicine enrich modern natural cosmetics. True beauty arises from inner harmony, from the harmony of body, mind and soul.

Support your skin with products from ASHÉRA Cosmetics to naturally preserve your beauty. Because only healthy skin is beautiful skin.