The Liver Qi and
the internal cleansing

The cold February – second month of the year and at the same time the third winter month – is almost over. The month was named after the February Roman cleansing festival, which was celebrated to drive away the demons of winter and create space for positive energies. According to its origin, February is the month of cleansing. This is a good time to detoxify the body so that the Qi can flow again and the organism can regain its balance. Even though February will soon be over, in the following weeks it will be worthwhile preparing the body for spring and getting it going. In order to positively influence the qi flow of a human, should be made especially in the liver. In traditional Chinese medicine, the liver is considered the motor of the entire body, ensuring the harmonious flow of qi. However, this harmonious flow can become imbalanced, spreading discomfort and even disease for long periods of time.

The liver is considered an extremely emotional organ. She reacts directly to anger, anger and stress and prefers relaxation and freedom. This is why many people with tight livers feel more restricted, both at work and at home. Also, an unbalanced diet and synthetic substances from food and drugs can greatly overstretch the liver and lead to a so-called liver fire. If the liver is overcharged overall, it can lead to a congestion of the liver and, in the long run, to a persistent state of depression, frustration and fatigue.

What can one do now to counter this stagnation? On the one hand, mental exercises such as meditation but also physical activities can help to dissolve the congestion. Especially effective, however, is a diet change. One should abstain from over-consumption of hot food such as fried, baked or fried foods, but also on spicy spices such as nutmeg, pepper, chili or paprika. You should also avoid activating drinks such as coffee or black tea and of course alcohol. Especially in the evening you should eat mainly cooling. However, this does not mean that you have to completely distance yourself from warm food – for example, a vegetable soup has a cooling effect because it can weaken the inner liver fire due to the high amount of liquid. Other particularly cooling foods are fish, rice, potatoes and vegetables. In addition, you should drink plenty of water and detoxifying teas to optimally support the harmonious flow of Liver Qi. That´s what the YIN YANG BALANCE TCM tea blend from Ashéra is all about. The high-quality blend contains goji berries, chrysanthemum flowers and liquorice root and has a positive effect on liver qi. Enjoy the tea in the evening, so you support your liver optimally in the detoxification and regeneration overnight.

Just take the current Lent as an opportunity to change your diet a bit and banish vices like caffeine, nicotine or fast food from your everyday life. Incidentally, acupuncture can also help very well with acute liver-congestion problems in order to break out of the cycle of stagnation. You will notice – when the Qi flows harmoniously again, not only the body benefits, but also the mind.

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