The Yin Phase TCM

The Yin Phase

The yin phase represents the interior and the passive. ASHÉRA YIN YANG BALANCE FACIAL CARE supports the regenerating processes of the night: It nourishes your skin with rich minerals, moisturizes them, relaxes and soothes them from the efforts of the day.

At night, when a person comes to rest, ASHÉRA YIN YANG BALANCE supports the regenerating processes of the skin. It receives valuable nutrients through rich minerals, is supplied with moisture and can thus relax from the efforts of the day.

Essences from Ganoderma, an Asian medicinal mushroom, cleanse and smooth the skin at the same time. Because Ganoderma contains organic acids, which can reduce wrinkles and thus ensure a more even complexion.

In the yin phase, the cell structure of the skin is particularly important. ASHÉRA YIN YANG BALANCE FACE CARE uses, among other things, the healing power of the ginseng root. The extracts of ginseng root can stimulate cell growth and collagen formation. They stimulate the circulation, stimulate the skin’s own hyaluron production and can therefore delay skin aging processes. The skin looks fresh and relaxed in the morning.

Ginsengwurzel Ganoderma Pilz