Divine Beauty:
The name patron of Ashéra Cosmetics

Under the name of Ashéra, our natural cosmetics combine the best of two cultures: traditional Chinese medicine from the East and modern cosmetic research from the West. But how did our brand name “Ashéra” come about?

The name was inspired by the Canaanite mother goddess and fertility queen Aschera, also known as Astarte. She is considered the prototype of the woman and the mother of all gods and goddesses. Already more than 3,000 years ago, it was revered for its beauty and femininity – to date, more than 1,000 Ashera clay figures have been found during excavations. Ashera’s homeland is the region between the Euphrates and Tigris, the legendary land where milk and honey flow and where even paradise is to be found. This area is not only geographically a connection between East and West – also culturally it had great influence in both directions. Aschera stands symbolically in the middle and combines modern aspects of the West with traditional aspects of the East.

It is also said that Aschera was the companion of Yahweh. Some sources indicate that the two could have been a pair of gods. Overall, the word “asherah” appears about forty times in the Bible, but often the goddess also appears in the form of a tree.

This also shows Aschera’s connection to nature. It personifies the living environment, the fertile soil and the creativity of plants, animals and humans. But Aschera stands for some other natural symbols such as the root and especially the lotus flower, whose extracts are used in our skincare lines. The lotus, in turn, is a symbol of purity, unity and fertility in China, thus creating a bridge to traditional Chinese medicine. In East Asia, the lotus flower has been cultivated for more than 3,000 years as a medicinal and useful plant. Nelumbo nucifera (Rosa lotus) is especially appreciated. For traditional medical purposes, all components of the plants are used. The precious seeds of this natural beauty are also used in our balancing YIN YANG BALANCE Shampoo. They are rich in valuable minerals and improve the combability and smoothness of the hair.