Every spring is a new beginning:
The transformation phase wood

When nature slowly wakes up again from its hibernation and suddenly sprouts the green from every little crack, it is finally here: the spring. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is the change phase of wood, which begins in February and lasts until the end of April. Just as nature draws new life energy, we too are part of a new beginning. Full of energy we are drawn out, we feel like moving and enjoying the sun. Transferred to the life stages of man, the transformation phase of wood stands for birth and childhood, ie the time of growth.

At the organic level, the organs are assigned to the liver and gallbladder organs. The liver ensures that our humors circulate and the life energy is balanced. She works closely with the gallbladder, which serves as a kind of valve and controls the flow of qi. People whose bile and liver work together harmoniously are also spiritually very balanced, are full of motivation and zest for action and are characterized by a high enforcement and decision-making power.

But what if the interaction between liver and gallbladder is disturbed? Especially in case of increased stress the liver reacts very fast. Due to the heavy liver load we get moody or even depressive moods. Mood swings are then increasingly on the agenda. On a physical level, a weak liver is most noticeable in the eyes. This is manifested, for example, by a sudden low vision, night blindness or dry eyes. In addition, sleep disorders, muscle weakness, headache, tension or brittle nails and hair may occur.

So what do you do? In TCM is used in different areas, eg. As with acupuncture, acupressure and of course in the diet. Basically, the element wood is assigned the taste sour. Acid foods channel the energy inward and keep the juices in the body. An acidic note relaxes the liver, but of course only in moderation, because too much of it can lead to even more liver tension. To do something good for the liver, you should take warming food and drinks and combine them with lots of fresh greenery and a few splashes of vinegar or lemon juice. Other foods that are associated with the wood element include chicken, parsley, raspberries, spelled, cress, sauerkraut, tomatoes and yogurt.

In order to further support the balance of the liver, the YIN YANG BALANCE Tea Blend „Jewel of Clear Eyesight“, is recommended, which consists of goji berries, chrysanthemum flowers and liquorice root. It moisturizes not only dry eyes, but also supports the liver during detoxification. The balanced tea mixture tones up the portion of the liver and dampens rising liver-yang. The harmonious flow of Liver Qi is optimally supported, which can also increase the eyesight and well-being.