Geissblattzweig mit Blüten

Honeysuckle blossom
Lonicerae japonicae Flos

The honeysuckle blossom, called in Chinese Jinyinhua, has a sweetish taste and has a cooling effect according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. The TCM substance group described as heat-clarifying has anti-inflammatory, clarifying and cleansing properties, thus ensuring a healthy and radiant complexion in cosmetic use. Another feature of the flowers is the reduction of age spots (by luteolin). The active ingredient peculiarity of the honeysuckle blossom is that it has antioxidant (by chlorogenic acid, luteolin, quercetin) and anti-inflammatory properties (by quercetin, rutin). In addition, the ingredients of the flowers anti-inflammatory (by luteolin, quercetin). By inhibiting the enzyme hyaluronidase, hyaluronic acid degradation is reduced (by luteolin). Honeysuckle flowers mostly consist of flavonoids (by luteolin), chlorogenic acid and quercetin.