Hot Refreshment:
Why You Should Enjoy Tea Also In Summer

Now in the summer, when temperatures keep rising, our fluid needs are higher than ever. The sun beats down on us tirelessly and causes us to work up a sweat. In such moments one wishes only one thing: an ice-cold refreshment. The first thing that comes to mind is the enjoyment of an ice-cold drink, such as a soda, a water or a beer – the main thing the body gets as quickly as possible is a cooling off. Hardly anyone comes up with the idea of enjoying a hot cup of tea at temperatures beyond 25 ° C – the idea may seem downright absurd for some people. The tea enjoyment brings in summer many benefits and is therefore highly advisable. Other cultures show it to us.

In many much warmer countries like Turkey or Morocco, a lot of tea is drunk even on hot days, if not more than on cooler days. Why? Because hot drinks and food demand less energy from the body. Cold drinks, on the other hand, signal to the body that it needs to raise the temperature further, so that the drink gets up to body temperature so as not to harm the organs. The result: the circulation is additionally burdened and we sweat even more. It is better to follow the habits of people who have been tried for heat, such as the Bedouins, who resort to warm teas in the heat. The nomadic desert dwellers appreciate not only their relaxing, but also their lasting cooling effect. In contrast to cold drinks, hot tea signals to the body that it reduces heat production and cools the high temperature in the stomach.

Speaking of the stomach, he also benefits from the pleasant warmth of the tea. Especially with the daily consumption of ice-cold drinks and food, the gastric mucosa can be irritated. This in turn can cause severe abdominal pain. Better, you enjoy your drinks hot or at least room-warm, instead of chilled or even served with ice cubes.

It is best to take the warm tea in small sips and try to cover the fluid requirement continuously throughout the day. Ideally so that a feeling of thirst does not even arise.

Try it out and refresh yourself on the terrace or balcony with a cup of Yin Yang Balance Tea Blend and enjoy the summer to the fullest.