TCM phase water

Strenght in serenity:
the changes of phase water

In the cold season, when there are freezing temperatures outside and in many places nature disappears under a white blanket of snow, according to the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine we are in the middle of the transformation phase of water. The days are short – in the morning when we leave the house it is still dark and already in the early evening the sun is completely gone again. Flora and fauna are now in a kind of standstill, from which they will wake up again in the spring. Nature uses the wintertime to recharge its batteries, and we too should use the winter to calm down. So we can start again in the spring. Be sure to allow plenty of time for relaxation during this phase. Treat yourself to quiet evenings on the couch, a pleasant bath by candlelight or maybe a few meditation exercises, to turn off again properly.

But the water not only radiates tranquility, but also symbolizes the mobility: the continuous flow of water that simply eliminates the disturbing and makes room for oneself. Winter is therefore the perfect time to sort the thoughts and to reflect on the essentials. The physical exercise outdoors also makes a big contribution. The clear winter air clears the head, strengthens the immune system and makes for a better sleep.

Organically, the kidney and bladder are assigned to the water element. Kidneys are also referred to as the roots of life in TCM. Here is our entire energy storage, the Qi. When our kidneys are weakened, we feel drained and tired. In order to achieve an improvement, especially in the diet must be set. As the body is increasingly exposed to cold and moisture in winter, it should not be supplied with too many cooling or moisturizing foods such as raw food, cold drinks or dairy products. Instead, as gently as possible cooked meals on the table, even at breakfast. Especially soothing are soups and vegetable stews, as well as fruit in the form of compotes and muses. For fluid intake warm drinks are recommended. Start the day with a warm glass of water right after getting up and finish it off with a relaxing tea, e.g. the YIN YANG BALANCE Tea blend from Ashéra.

In addition to the inner care but also the outer may not be neglected. Our skin, which is particularly stressed and strained in winter, suffers from increased air loss due to the cold air. The YIN YANG BALANCE 24-Hours Facial Cream by Ashéra helps to combat dryness and helps the skin to regenerate day and night thanks to rich essential oils and TCM extracts.