Payment in advance

The easiest way to pay if you are not yet a customer of ASHÉRA COSMETICS. All details such as bank details, amount, etc., that you need to settle your order can be found in the order confirmation on the screen after you have sent the order. If your e-mail address is available to us, you will also receive confirmation by e-mail. Otherwise, we will send you the confirmation by mail or fax. Please understand that we already calculate the amount of a possible subsequent delivery. Of course, subsequent deliveries are always free of transport costs.

Please note that we reserve the goods for you for 14 days. If we can not find any payment on our account until then, we ask for your understanding that we will cancel your order.

Our bank account details are:

Banking institution: Raiffeisenbank Regensburg-Wenzenbach eG
Account number: 100365505
Bank code: 75060150
IBAN: DE58 7506 0150 0100 3655 05

Cash on delivery

With this shipping option, you pay the amount in cash to the deliverer as soon as the package is delivered to you. Here a cash on delivery fee of € 6 will be charged for the invoice amount, which you will additionally hand over to the courier.



Simple, fast and safe. With these words you can easily describe PayPal. PayPal is the next-generation online payment service designed for anyone who wants to shop or sell online. They enjoy an extra level of security and keep an eye on all transactions. Paying with PayPal is always free. With PayPal, you can shop with just a few clicks on the Internet. All you need is an e-mail address and password.

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PayPal Express Checkout

With PayPal Express, the payment method for you is faster, more convenient and smoother: with just one click, you can get directly from the product page or the shopping cart to the PayPal payment page without any detours.