All ingredients used to manufacture the TCM plant extracts for our YIN YANG BALANCE cosmetics range are sourced from controlled cultivation in China. Seamless quality control guarantees that consistently high standards are maintained. The ingredients have been personally selected by experienced TCM physicians and pharmacists and combined to produce unique natural cosmetics.

This quality is assured by SinoPhytoMed, a certified supplier of many TCM pharmacies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Thanks to close collaboration with the University of Yantai, SinoPhytoMed personnel are familiar with the very latest processes and developments in TCM research.


In order to be able to offer our modern natural cosmetics with extracts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as high-quality TCM cosmetics, all ingredients used must be of the highest quality.

We can promise you that, as we were able to partner with SinoPhytoMed GmbH from Waldsassen, Germany, one of the leading suppliers of TCM pharmacies in Europe.

In TCM medicine, these ingredients are called drugs. There are always concerns as to whether the imported products from China are really of the promised quality and harmless, therefore the purchase of our TCM drugs is already done exclusively by pharmacists of our joint venture company in Yantai (China).

Regular visits by farmers in contract farming areas allow our partner SinoPhytoMed to directly influence cultivation to harvest. Preference is given to buying plants from CAP cultivation (“Good Agricultural Practice”) in the original region DaoDi. (Explanation below)

If the raw drug contained in our TCM cosmetics or in our TCM teas has passed the test for identity, purity and freedom from harmful substances (residue analysis) in our own joint venture laboratory, it will be processed by trained

pharmacists in accordance with the EU GMP guidelines and vacuum-packed in single containers exported to Germany.

Once the remedies have arrived at the German facility, each batch is sampled in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia and subjected to another intensive quality control in the company laboratory. Drug identity (by macroscopy and microscopy), purity and content are tested.

In addition, an independent contract laboratory will analyze each batch for compliance with all guidelines of the monographs of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, the European Pharmacopoeia and the statutory maximum-load regulations (heavy metals, pesticides, aflatoxins, microbiology).

Only remedies that meet all requirements will receive clearance for distribution.

For each batch of TCM drugs used in ASHÉRA Cosmetics, there is a certificate according to §6 and §11 of the German Pharmacies Act.


In the picture above left you can see Thomas Pfletscher, co-owner of ASHÉRA Cosmetics talking to a contract builder of SinoPhyto. Through middlemen or the general TCM markets are usually no first qualities available. Therefore, we attach great importance to direct contact with the farmers in the growing areas.

A pharmacist from SinoPhyto with many years of experience in the field of TCM is traveling all year in China and maintains the connections to the growing regions. Targeted and fair supply contracts ensure a reliable source for our products. In this way we directly influence the quality of the grown medicinal plants and improve the economic situation of the farmers. The direct support of farmers in the growing areas is our contribution to the development of the rural population and their habitat.


Every medicinal plant has its preferred location and cultivation area. The Chinese tradition, in addition to the original origin of the medicinal herbs, goes beyond the ingredients and also has a spiritual significance for the healing process. The term for remedies from their authentic region is Dao Di. The term Dao Di is also often used in the reverse order. Di Dao. That means: Real. Unadulterated. Pure.

Important for the effect of a herb or a plant is, in addition to the purity and spiritual importance, the original soil condition and the correct climatic environment in which the plant develops. We are convinced by Dao Di, because the analyzes of SinoPhyto confirm the above-average active ingredient content of these plants, so we make sure that only plants from the original area of origin are used for ASHÉRA cosmetic products.

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