Rich care for day and night – perfect for summer holidays

A city trip over the weekend, an overnight stay with relatives or friends, or a trip to a faraway country for several weeks – it is most pleasant to have as little luggage as possible with you. Nevertheless, we do not want to miss our favorite care products on the go. That is why we offer you the perfect travel companion for your short or long trips with the Yin Yang Balance Care range.

The Yin Yang Balance 24-Hour Face Cream with valuable extracts of Traditional Chinese Medicine pampers your skin around the clock: During the day, energizing extracts of ginseng root and red-sage help to promote microcirculation in the blood vessels and thereby oxygenate the skin. At night, on the other hand, the relaxing support of regenerating processes is in the foreground. Therefore, the cream contains high-quality essences from the Asian medicinal mushroom Ganoderma. In TCM, this highly esteemed vital mushroom is considered an anti-inflammatory, and it is said to have a pronounced anti-aging effect.

The rich face cream is complemented by the gentle Yin Yang Balance cleansing foam, which cleanses and cares for the skin during morning and evening use. Ingredients include the TCM substances honeysuckle and red-root sage, which are said to have a soothing yet antibacterial effect. In summer heat but especially one thing is needed: moisture. So that the foam can unfold its moisturizing effect not only a few hours after application, but throughout the day, it contains the TCM substance asparagus root. Following the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the ingredients of the root moisturize dryness, cool fires and sustainably promote body fluids.

Thanks to this absolutely uncomplicated and at the same time rich range of care your skin gets through the day optimally, no matter whether you are at home or already relaxing on a summer vacation. With a capacity of 100 ml and 50 ml, the cleaning foam and the cream are also the ideal accompaniment for air travelers. The two products can be transported in hand luggage – stowed away in a transparent bag.

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