Skin care for the cold season
This will keep your skin healthy and radiant

If your skin could choose a comfortable climate, then it would probably opt for the warm, humid climate of the rainforest, because the conditions are ideal there: it can absorb enough water and produce sebum, making it radiantly beautiful and supple. In our region, the weather unfortunately cannot serve with skin-care properties – especially not in winter. The freezing cold ensures that the moisture content in the air also drops. The result: little water and fat for the skin. Then it is particularly susceptible to drying out, tensioning and flaking. Even people with otherwise normal skin notice the influence of the cold season on our largest organ. But how do we manage to meet the demands of healthy and well-groomed skin even in winter?

Traditional Chinese medicine typically takes a holistic approach. For the treatment and prevention of dryness, special medicinal herbs are used, which combine to form effective mixtures and both internally, e.g. as teas, or externally, as components of creams and ointments.

We also have a major influence on our inner balance, which in turn affects our skin, through our diet. In many cases, TCM blames a lack of body fluids for chapped skin. As the name suggests, we get this from juicy food. In the cold winter months, hearty vegetable soups, stews and delicious compotes should therefore be on the menu particularly often. Cooked food should be served twice a day, but you should refrain from eating raw food and large quantities of cereals, because the drier the food, the more juices the stomach has to use to digest the food. By the way, you should also avoid particularly spicy and bitter foods that can accelerate the drying out of the body juices. Warming beverages are recommended for liquid absorption. Our Yin Yang Balance tea mix with goji berries, chrysanthemum flowers and licorice root is well suited.

In addition to taking care of our skin from the inside, we should not neglect external care. An important tip is not to take a shower or bath too long and too hot. In addition, you can protect the scalp from drying out by using a particularly gentle and balancing shampoo like our Yin Yang Balance Shampoo. A mild, oil-based soap is suitable for the body, like our White Pearl luxury soap. A high oil content is also required for the care of the face. In addition to a balanced composition of Chinese herbal extracts, the Yin Yang Balance 24-hour facial cream contains a high proportion of nourishing oils that nourish your skin day and night and protect it against dry heating air and freezing temperatures.