Asparagus root
Asparagus Radix

The asparagus root is considered to be sweet tonifying and astringent in traditional Chinese medicine. As a Yin-nourishing TCM substance group, the ingredients of asparagus root moisturize, cool fires and promote body fluids. With regard to the cosmetic effect, the asparagus root (Chinese: Tianmendong) gives the skin lasting moisture and thus prevents the loss of moisture, thus making the skin soft and supple. The root also provides the skin with protection against damaging UV radiation, has anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates microcirculation.

Especially at the asparagus root is the antioxidant effect (by quercetin, Vit. A, C, E, K). The root supports collagen production (by quercetin, Vit C) and slows down the aging process (by quercetin, rutin). It also has anti-inflammatory properties (quercetin, rutin) and stimulates the body’s own production of hyaluronan (by saponins). By stimulating the microcirculation, there is an improved uptake of oxygen and nutrients (by rutin).

Main constituents of the root include polysaccharides (asparagus polysaccharide A, B, C, D, 5-methoxy-methylfurfural), vitamins (A, C, E, K), flavonoids (quercetin, rutin, etc.), amino acids (eg asparagine, citrulline , Serine) and saponins (Asp IV sapogenins).