Tai Chi TCM

Tai Chi
Unity between heaven and earth

Tai Chi is health exercise, meditation and martial arts in one. Created on the fertile soil of Taoism, it embodies the polarity of yin and yang in the sequence of given movements: clearly defined positions, connected by the constant change of a continuous flow of movement.

T’ai Chi Chúan or Tai Chi for short is an ancient Chinese art of movement, whose origin can be traced back to the time of the Tang Dynasty. Their outward form is slow, calm movements, performed in complete relaxation. Tai Chi is often referred to as movement meditation, because it combines movement and breathing. The body is trained and the condition improved. The program consists of a sequence of traditional Chinese physical exercises. The movements of Tai Chi are slow and flowing, the breathing is relaxed.

In the old Chinese conception, this means the big center pillar, which reaches deep into the earth and, erect upright, carries the sky dome like a house roof. The basis is the Taoist doctrine of the universal forces “Yin” and “Yang”. Even Lao Tzu taught that man can only find his personal balance if he joins this higher order and does not act, but keeps still.

According to Chinese ideas, the so-called “chi” is the life energy that flows in every human being. If the river is disturbed, complaints and illnesses can arise. Tai Chi exercises are therefore a means of harmonizing the life energies in the body and thus promoting good health. The meditative character of Tai Chi also benefits the psyche.