The year of the earth pig

On the 5th of February, China has started a new lunar year. The new calendar year, which lasts until January 24, 2020, is under the sign of the Earth Pig. Chinese astrology assigns one animal and one of the five elements each year. After the Earth Dog, who ruled last year, it’s the turn of the Earth Pig. Of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, the pig is last. According to legend, the Jade Emperor decided the order of the animals according to when they arrived at his feast. The pig, who unfortunately slept through, reached the festivities last and ended up at the bottom of the list.

But what awaits us now in the Year of the Earth Pig? In our circles, the pig is a symbol of happiness – as in China. In addition, it is in Chinese culture for wealth, success and also a lot of fun. Of course, people also have that at the Chinese New Year festivities. Traditionally, the new lunar year is celebrated there with a sumptuous banquet and gigantic fireworks. Of course, the pig is also omnipresent in the decoration in the cities. The associated element, the earth, symbolizes peace and stability. With all the fun and success you should therefore be careful not to spend too much and not to lose your own center.

With our YIN YANG BALANCE care series, we also rely on the earth element with precious TCM extracts from the ginseng root, the medicinal mushroom Ganoderma and the asparagus root. They have a calming effect and ensure a pleasant balance on the skin.

Incidentally, if you were born in 1959, you have the zodiac sign Earth Pig according to the Chinese horoscope. After 2019, the next Earth-Pigs Lunar Year will not be until 2079 – every 60 years. Earth pigs are considered very honest, tolerant, hardworking, compassionate and very communicative. They rarely ask for help, but they are on hand when others need help.

The team of Ashéra wishes you a successful and happy year of the Earth Pig. Or as you say in China, “wìn shì rú yì” – May all your wishes come true!

picture credit: Znaev