The year of the metal rat

New year, new luck!

While the new year started for us on January 1st, the turn of the year is still imminent in China. On January 25, 2020 the new year will begin – and it will be celebrated with festivities all over the country until the Lantern Festival. This New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the most important traditional holiday in the country.

Just as with us, the Chinese celebrate the end of the old year and the new beginning ahead of them. The best way to spend the holidays together with the family is to relax with your loved ones from the efforts and sprints of last year. All the more exuberant is then celebrated or the time out on a winter holiday is enjoyed.

Protected by the metal rat

In China too, the start of a new year is associated with many wishes and the hope for new opportunities. Orientation to the question of what to expect in the new year is provided by the respective zodiac sign in China, which is assigned to the new year together with one of the five elements. From January 25th to February 11th, 2021, this is the metal rat that will replace the earth pig.

The rat is the first sign in the Chinese zodiac cycle – so it’s no wonder that this little rodent is associated with a fresh start and renewal. In addition, the rat is considered an intelligent and ambitious being who acts as a protector and prosperer. People who were or will be born in the Year of the Rat (1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020) are considered to be particularly determined and persistent. Whatever they put in their heads they also achieve, because they do everything they can to reach their goals. But metal rats never lose their down-to-earthness and keep their sense of the essential even in the greatest chaos.

But the metal rat is not just about ambition! The happiness of their fellow human beings is also important to them. With their honesty and charm, they get involved with others and ensure that their environment is as good as they are themselves. Anyone who has made it into the heart of a rat can be sure that they have found a friend for life.

A year full of new opportunities

The positive qualities of the metal rat can of course also be transferred to the new year in 2020: In China, it is believed that the new year will be accompanied by a lot of creative energy, which will lead us to new professional success with ambition – provided we don’t cocky and let careful planning precede. So now would be a good time to successfully implement dream projects or finally to venture into the new hobby that has been exciting for months. So be brave, because everything is possible!

By the way: Especially for the Spring Festival, the streets in China shine in the shine of red lanterns and red verses – because red is the color for good luck and good wishes. Of course, people are again giving away lots of red envelopes with money gifts to their loved ones for the New Year – meanwhile, this can even be done virtually in a messenger app.

The Ashéra team wishes you a successful and happy year of the metal rat. Or as one says in China: “wàn shì rú yì” – May all your wishes come true!