Using vacuum to release energy blockages:
Cupping in TCM

Traditional Chinese medicine has a wide variety of holistic healing techniques, including acupuncture, acupressure and Chinese herbal therapy. However, cupping is one of the oldest apparatus therapy methods. This proven healing method was practiced many thousands of years ago in China, but also in Europe. Cupping harmonizes Qi, the life energy, by dissolving blockages. This way, the energy flow can be effectively stimulated and the health and well-being sustainably increased.

But how does a cupping therapy actually work? First, the back must be carefully scanned for muscular indurations. In addition, the cupping points are selected according to the course of the meridians. These points are in turn connected with the internal organs – the treatment can thus also unfold their effect there. If all therapy points have been set on the back, cupping can begin. For this purpose, glass cupping heads with a diameter of up to six centimeters are used. To create negative pressure in the bell-shaped glasses, the air inside is heated with a flame. If the glass is quickly put on the skin, it is sucked in by the resulting negative pressure. Instead of the classic heating of the glasses, the negative pressure is often generated by special suction, z. B. by rubber balls or pumps. Cupping improves the blood circulation at the respective places, detoxifies the cells and relieves tension.

After a maximum of 15 minutes, the glasses are removed from the skin. Remained are circular painless bruises, which disappear completely after a few days. This variant of cupping is dry cupping. In addition, there is also the bloody cupping: The skin is first disinfected and then carved with a thin needle. Due to the negative pressure in the glasses, the blood is drawn out of the cuts – so the internal organs can be influenced even more. Some therapists use this option especially for acute and dry cupping for chronic conditions. The third variant is the so-called cupping massage. For this, the skin is oiled and the cupping glasses are moved back and forth. Thanks to the negative pressure to achieve a greater circulation-promoting effect than with a classic massage.

Cupping is especially successful for complaints such as migraine, muscle tension, high blood pressure, tiredness, colds, kidney weakness and rheumatism. By the way, you should not be put off by the look of the treatment: The cupping pulls at most a little and leaves after that a maximum of the feeling of a slight muscle soreness.