When sun and heart are shining: The transformation phase Fire

Full of verve the sun is just smiling down on us, the flowers are blooming in bright colors and the sky is almost cloudless. Summertime is here and in TCM it means: the fire is now in its element. After the element wood, the hottest of all phases of change has begun. Like the flames of a blazing fire, we can barely keep still in this season. We spray with energy and spend it outwardly lavishly: We are full of energy, sociable and communicative.

In order to comply with this urge to move, we are of course most active outside in the glorious weather. However, the extreme heat can quickly become a burden. It’s best to play sports early in the morning or after work, when it cools down. It is important that one always listens to oneself and responds accordingly to the signs of the body, regularly takes breaks and drinks enough water. So you find the right balance between heating and cooling.

Incidentally, this balance is also in demand during the summer in terms of nutrition. On the one hand, the body calls for summery fresh, cooling foods, such as berries, vegetables such as zucchini, radishes, spinach or paprika and crispy leafy lettuce. On the other hand, in addition to the cooling food and the warming should not be neglected. Barbecuing, for example, is a strongly warming preparation method that strengthens the yang very well. Grilled meat can be enjoyed in moderation, but healthier is of course grilled vegetables. When it comes to seasoning, you should avoid high-heat foods such as ginger, garlic and chili and instead spice up the dishes with fresh herbs such as basil, rosemary or oregano. Optimally, we use, as in every season, to seasonal fruits and vegetables. They contain just the nutrients our body needs right now. Nevertheless, we should not limit ourselves too much, so that the enjoyment is not too short – after all, the joie de vivre is very closely linked to the transformation phase of fire.

Joy is basically self-explanatory something beautiful and felt you can never get enough of it. It makes our heart shine and conjures a smile in our faces. Nevertheless, there is a kind of joy that does us less good, which may even make us sick in the long run. Because even such a positive emotion as joy can turn into a negative, for instance when we have to radiate a good mood due to job or other reasons, or when the joy of chasing the next exhilaration finally elicits a weary smile. Then maybe we need a break in between – even from such a positive emotion as the joy.

For a relaxed and relaxing summer time in the element of fire so on the one hand enough exercise, a balanced diet and a good balance of heating and cooling. It is also important, however, that besides all the summer hustle and bustle, we also find time for ourselves and to take some short recovery periods in which we can reflect on ourselves. Perfect: a soothing cup of Yin Yang Balance Tea from Ashéra – you should not forget the enjoyment after all.