Yin Yang Balance
24-Hour Skin Care

The ASHÉRA 24 Hour Skin Care is designed to balance yin and yang. The high-quality herbal extracts were selected according to their Yin and Yang properties. They protect and activate during the day, maintain and regenerate at night. The Yin Yang Balance Cleansing Foam is a composition of mild and well-tolerated cleansing substances as well as selected active ingredients of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Around the clock, YinYang Balance Face Care works for every skin type. During the revitalizing yang phase, energizing extracts of ginseng, red root sage, and tragacanth root stimulate microcirculation in the small vessels, improving skin oxygenation and stimulating the formation of collagen. In addition, gently extracted pomegranate seed extract has the same anti-inflammatory effect as cell regeneration. Overall, the skin’s resistance is increased, cell depletion is reduced and wrinkling is reduced. During the nocturnal Yin phase, on the other hand, the relaxing support of regenerating processes is in the foreground: essences from the Asian medicinal mushroom Ganoderma cleanse and smooth the skin through its content of organic acids. At the same time, the healing power of ginseng root stimulates cell growth and collagen formation, which can delay skin aging processes. Nourishing substances such as jojoba, avocado, rice germ, safflower and sunflower oil as well as shea butter and other rich minerals complete the balanced formula. The cleansing foam is tailored to the function of the facial cleansing: a short pressure on the nozzle is enough to create a creamy foam for gentle cleansing of the face in the morning and in the evening. Thanks to a composition of mild and well-tolerated substances in combination with effective agents of traditional Chinese medicine, the skin is neither irritated nor dried out. Asparagus root moisturizes, red-root sage has an antibacterial effect and reduces sebum production, honeysuckle leaves soothes the skin and reduces redness. Mallow, field pansies and nurse seeds support the natural beauty of the skin.

Treat your skin to modern natural cosmetics with extracts of traditional Chinese medicine.